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Dichiarazione degli Ambasciatori G7 accreditati in Tunisia

The G7 Ambassadors in Tunisia issued the following statement on 6 September:

‘We, the Group of Seven, reaffirm our ongoing commitment to partnership with Tunisia as it develops the political and socio-economic structures needed to respond to the legitimate demands of its people for a better standard of living and honest, effective and transparent governance.

We urge a swift return to a constitutional order, in which an elected parliament plays a significant role. We underline the urgent need to appoint a new head of government to form a capable Government able to address the immediate economic and health crises facing Tunisia, creating space for an inclusive dialogue about proposed constitutional and electoral reforms.

As this process takes shape, we call for continued public commitment to and respect for all Tunisians’ civil, political, social and economic rights, and to the rule of law. The sooner that President Kais Saied can convey a clear sense of the way forward that responds to the needs of the Tunisian people, the sooner Tunisia can focus on tackling the economic, health and social challenges facing the country.

The Group of Seven remains committed to ensuring that shared democratic values remain central to our ongoing relationships’.